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MagSport Back Brace with Medical Magnets and Orthopedic Lumbar Pad

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Relieve aches and pains in the lower back with this acclaimed solution for spinal reorientation. With patented technology that supports both precise posture and improves spinal mechanics, this back support belt from Back-a-Line can help maintain a proper lumbar curve and address incorrect postural mechanics – the number one cause of back problems in most adults.

In addition to a curved, firm pad that encourages muscle activation throughout the back, this flex-pad includes Niiomed® Medical Magnets. Using concentric circle magnets provides a unique configuration of both constant and gradient magnetic fields for enhanced circulation and relief of musculoskeletal pain. These clinically-demonstrated magnets can also treat swollen tissue and lingering pain from past injuries, providing a way to help you feel your best.

  • Two solutions for back pain in one convenient belt
  • Scientifically and clinically proven efficacy through research studies from major medical schools, universities, and research centers
  • Non-stretch design to keep back muscles from atrophying
  • Recipient of an AOASM seal of approval
  • Innovative use of Niiomed® Medical Magnets to reduce inflammation and address chronic pain conditions
  • Do not purchase if you have a pacemaker; only use the deluxe non-magnet product type. Magnetic products should not be placed directly over an open wound or transdermal drug delivery patch. Manufacturers of medical devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators and insulin pumps have advised consumers to avoid the use of products containing magnets while using those implanted devices. Since the magnetic fields may interfere with the switching mechanism in a pacemaker, use of any magnetic products near this device is not recommended. 
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