Size and fit

Choosing the right size

Measure according to body type. If belly is larger than hips: Measure at the same angle you wear your pants, from the small of your back to a point 3"- 4" below your navel. For men, this will be your pant size. If waist is smaller than hips: Measure at your waistline.

Size Measurement
XS 23"- 27"
SM 27"- 32"
MED 31"- 36"
LG 35"- 40"
XL 39"- 44"
XXL 43"- 48"
ZZ 48"- 58"

I am in-between sizes. Which size should I get?

If you are in-between sizes, either size will fit. However, most folks size down to avoid having to contend with greater fabric overlap in the front and a longer secondary strap. If your weight fluctuates up and down, it's better to size up.

Does Back-A-Line fit every body?

Most, but not all.

Back-A-Line belts fit some body types better than others. Most men can find a good fit, but some women, especially curvy and pear-shaped women, may not.

Those with spinal anomalies may not be able to use the belt. Back-A-Line's anatomic lumbar pad trains your body to support a neutral lumbar lordosis. If your spinal structure limits your ability to adjust to the lumbar pad, the Back-A-Line will likely be uncomfortable and ineffective.

Over the past 27 years, fewer than 5% of our customers have had to return the Back-A-Line for fitting issues. If you are not sure of the fit, remember that Back-A-Line offers a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. So go ahead and give it a try!

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