Size and Fit

Size and fit
for Sport, Deluxe, Premier, Moto, Magnetic and Tool Belt models

Back-A-Line Size Chart

For waist smaller than hips, measure at your waistline.

For waist bigger than hips, measure at the same angle you wear your pants, angled down from the small of your back (low back) to a point 3"- 4" below your navel. For men, your Back-A-Line size should be the same as your US pant size.

    Measurement and instructions
    for Baby Your Back maternity models

    The Baby Your Back is worn with the lumbar pad right in the small of your back. Bring the belt flaps forward from each side to meet about 4 inches under your navel. Lift your belly weight, secure the Velcro pieces and, when your belly weight falls into the non-stretch belt, not only does it snug it up but it also carries the belly weight on your hips, so you don’t have to hyper-arch your spine to maintain your center of gravity within your foot plant. When you order, measure the circumference with the same angle and order the largest size that includes your measurement. This will give you 9-13 inches of belly growth without needing another.

    Back-A-Line fits most men and many women, but not all.

    Back-A-Line fits people with ...

    • Waist smaller than hips AND waist smaller than ribcage.
    • Waist larger than hips.

    Back-A-Line does NOT fit people with ...

    • Waist smaller than hips plus a ribcage same or smaller than waist may find the Back-A-Line will ride up over the ribs (Pear-shaped women, you know who you are.)
    • Waist circumference is a lot smaller than hip circumference (e.g., the waist-hip differential is greater than 12”) may find the Back-A-Line will ride up. 
    • Spinal anomalies, such as scoliosis, spinal fusion, kyphotic posture, may NOT be flexible enough able to adjust their spine to the curve of the lumbar pad, making it somewhat uncomfortable to wear. 

    Over the past 27 years, fewer than 5% of our customers have had to return the Back-A-Line for fitting issues. If you are not sure of the fit, remember that Back-A-Line offers a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. So go ahead and give it a try!

    Does Back-A-Line work for everybody?

    Back-A-Line belts work for most people who have moderate to severe lower back pain or fatigue problems. However, Back-A-Line is not a substitute for medical treatments or for medical professionals [although a number of them recommend our product].

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