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Phillip Zinni, DO, FAOASM
Past President, American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine

"Back-A-Line finally addresses one of the primary causes of back injuries at the functional level – poor spinal mechanics – with a behavioral solution also creating new muscle memory. Back-A-Line has enhanced their basic back support, with therapeutic magnets for chronic back pain with benefits to any rehab protocol. You may be skeptical about magnets as I was, but I’ve seen the peer-reviewed studies.

Two issues make this dual-benefit product so necessary – cause and effect. The cause or etiology is often poor spinal posture, both chronic or acquired and acute. The effect is pain. Bending/twisting/reaching, using the torso to move closer to an object, stretches spinal or core tissue unnaturally, resulting in pain or stiffness. Muscles can adapt but other tissues might not, so pain persists. Back-A-Line minimizes the mechanical risk going forward, dramatically reducing potential pain from future injury, but past damage remains, now chronic, causing discomfort. Adding therapeutic magnets addresses and minimizes this now-chronic pain. Result: combining the unique postural benefits of Back-A-Line support with the proven pain relief from the #1 medical therapeutic magnet creates the ultimate solution to a patient’s life without back pain. TWO patents, ONE solution. AOASM members now have access to 'The only wearable pain-mitigation device for most chronic back pain sufferers'.

On a practical note, there are two added benefits. 1) Rehab exercises work best when proper functional form is maintained, but many patients tend to compromise form that may trigger a pain response, resulting in longer rehab. 2) Back-A-Line touts their device as “The silent monitor between appointments.” You can’t monitor your patient’s mechanics between appointments, so BAL does it for you and the patient returns at the same level as they left after their last appointment, rather than regressing to old postural habits."
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Tom Hyde, DC, DACBSP, FRCCSS (Hon)

“Recently, I had the opportunity to try a really great product from Back-A-Line, one that satisfies the natural approach. I found the back brace easy to use, very comfortable and my back felt great. I highly recommend this product for you and your patients."


“I have had very positive responses with the Back-A-Line lumbar support. To me the Back-A-Line effectively provides neutral position and stability to a lumbosacral structures where hypermobile and instable are common. I personally find relief with the brace within 30-60 minutes."

Ed Feinberg, DC, DACBSP, ICCSP

I had a significant back injury shortly before the symposium and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to teach the 8.5 hours for which I was scheduled. The Back-A-Line helped me fulfill my commitments. This unique support does encourage lumbar lordosis. I would encourage chiropractors to check out this product."

George K. Petruska, DC, DACRB

“Back-A-Line provides synergistic support to the chiropractic model 'The Natural Way to Health' for both acute and chronic back pain. The curved, firm lumbar pad facilitates a biomechanical response providing stability along with a proprioceptive response, limiting regression to compromised motor patterns. Back-A-Line serves as a 'silent monitor' enhancing new muscle memory. The Premier version with BMMI therapeutic medical magnets is an excellent tool assisting proper functional form during the rehab protocol. Remember, if you exercise a dysfunctional joint you create greater dysfunction, but if you exercise a functional joint you create greater function. The ultimate goal or end point of treatment is functional restoration. Back-A-line is an excellent adjunctive tool to assist in the achievement this goal.”

Don Brown, DC, DACBOH

We have found an interesting device that may change the way we think about back belts. It is called Back-A- Line. This orthotic lumbar belt is not made of elastic (as others typically are). It can be worn all day without the fear of creating muscular dependence. It has a patented, curved and rigid section along the lumbar spine. This helps promote a safe low back posture for workers to prevent back injury or recover from low back strain. I have given this to several of my patients to use at work with success. The product has been investigated independently and the white papers are available on their website for review.

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