Riding with Back Pain?

Try our scientifically proven, lumbar support system to reduce or stop back pain from long motorcycle rides.

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Experience the Benefits

  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Patented Curved & Firm Pad
  • Non-Stretch Belt for Best Results
  • Can be Worn Over or Under Clothing
  • Secondary Strap for Additional Support
  • Wick-Away Liner - Soft Breathable Material
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Don’t Take Our Word for It
Read what others in the industry have to say about the Back-A-Line back support belt.
Motorcycle Consumer News
Motorcycle Consumer News
“We rate Back-A-Line lumbar support best in our test group by a large margin.”
See why we're #1!
BMW Owners News
BMW Owners News
“I got off my bike resolving to never take a long ride again without it.”
King of Pain
American Iron Magazine
American Iron Magazine
“Nearly 200 miles later, I returned back pain free.”
Stop Suffering Now!
The Essential Guide to Mortocycle Travel
The Essential Guide to Mortocycle Travel
“Your passenger only has to put up with you some of the time, but your back never gets a break ... a solution for you: the Back-A-Linke belt wraps around your waist and can be worn over or under your clothes...(Expand) The Back-A-Line incorporates a built-in lumbar support that promotes good posture and reduces back fatigue.”
Wear's your spine?
Testimonials From Riders Like You
Testimonials From Riders Like You
“Awesome product. I wore this daily on a cross country motorcycle ride. Eleven days and 3,000 miles and zero back pain! I highly recommend this especially for long distance motorcylce riders!”
Ride Free of Back Pain!
Live without back pain. Give Back-A-Line a try!
When I got a herniated disc at my L4-L5, the only way I could continue riding my motorcycle was with a back-a-line. Since then, I'm on my 2nd set and have introduced this to my brother and 3 other friends, all who have benefited greatly from this product.
William T. on June 8th, 2018
love the belt. My brother turned me on to Backaline belt, glad he did. Went 70 miles from home to Daytona non stop for the first time in years. After a short break, back home non stop 70 miles.. Looks like I'm back in the wind. Great belt!
Rich M. on Jul 06, 2018
Good experience! Rode 228 miles first time using it, no back fatigue at all and I just got over a two month Bout with sciatica.
Gordon K. on Jul 07, 2018
You deserve to be free of back pain. Give Back-A-Line a try!