How to wear

The belt portion of Back-A-Line is tapered to accommodate measurement differences between waist and hips. This anchors the support so it won't shift up or down during use.

If your waist is smaller than your hips, center the pad in the small of your back with the care label right-side-up, fuzzy Velcro in your right hand.  Wrap the strap around your waist and fasten snugly. Make sure the top border of the brace is below your rib cage.

If your belly is bigger than your hips, wear the brace with the care label upside-down, fuzzy Velcro in your left hand. Center the pad in the small of your back and wrap the straps diagonally downward to meet about 4" under your belly. Lift your belly, secure the Velcro and you're good to go! The Back-A-Line will help support your belly weight.

Back-A-Line can be worn over or under clothing. The lumbar pad adds about 1.5 inches to your waist measurement, so if your regular pants are “just the right size,” the pants may not close while wearing Back-A-Line underneath.

Does Back-A-Line work for everybody?

Most people with back pain will find relief when wearing a Back-A-Line belt. However, not all back conditions are the same and people with spinal structural anomalies may not be able to use the belt at all.

Back-A-Line functions differently than an elastic support. Elastic belts contour to you. The Back-A-Line functions in an opposite way. Your spine must contour to it. If your back condition presents with a flattened or asymmetrical curvature, and if the curvature does not have sufficient flexibility to conform to the Back-A-Line lumbar pad, then the belt is unlikely to be effective and may be uncomfortable to wear. If you have scoliosis, fusion, stenosis, kyphosis, or severe degenerative changes in the spine, you may not be able to adjust your spine to the curve of the lumbar pad.

If you have questions about whether the Back-A-Line belt is suitable for your condition, please consult with your spinal care clinician.

How long can I wear Back-A-Line?

Unlike elastic belts, which disable core muscles and cause atrophy (rather than a solution), Back-A-Line activates abdominal and spinal muscles which is a good thing for your body. It can be worn 24/7 if desired. We suggest you wear it all-day for the first few days to relieve pain and begin forming your new postural habits. If all-day is not feasible, wear it as much as you can. Your spine will tell you when you should reduce or stop wearing.

Is Back-A-Line washable?

Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Air dry. Newer Back-A-Line belts dry quickly with our wick-away material. Machine drying on low is okay, as long as the drying temperature is under 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures can melt the lumbar pad material. 

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