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Finally, a back support that can improve posture and correct spinal mechanics 24/7.

Back-A-Line Back Support BeltPoor spinal mechanics is a major contributor to many back conditions. Lifting is only a secondary risk factor. One needs to address the cause to fix the problem. Back-A-Line relieves back pain by correcting spinal mechanics behaviorally. The patented curved, firm lumbar pad creates a bio-feedback response to correct posture and create new muscle memory for lasting effect.

It's not WHAT you lift, but HOW you lift and HOW you do everything else.

Back-A-Line patented a curved, firm lumbar pad that dynamically stabilizes the lumbar spine and stimulates proprioceptive feedback to correct spinal mechanics. Back-A-Line continuously trains muscle memory and builds core strength for healthy postural habits.

How Back-A-Line Works infographic
Cutaway view of the Back-A-Line back support with orthopedic lumbar pad

Lower risk of re-injury

Many back patients have difficulty maintaining therapeutic gains between therapy treatments. Postural correction facilitated by the non-elastic Back-A-Line compression support, reduces risk of re-injury and prevents postural regression during the course of treatment. This provides an ideal environment for healing and lasting pain relief. 

Non-stretch belt eliminates risk of muscle atrophy

Back-A-Line works differently than elastic back supports. While wearing Back-A-Line, the non-stretch compression belt coerces the spine to adjust to the patented “curved-and-firm” pad to encourage a normal lumbar lordosis. Improved spinal alignment facilitates more efficient activation of the core postural muscles, creating dynamic muscle support and improved spinal mechanics. Over time, use of the belt builds core strength and muscle memory so that improvement continues when the belt is no longer being worn. The result? NATURAL BACK PAIN RELIEF.  

Optional magnetic therapy

While correcting spinal mechanics will minimize pain going forward, there may remain residual pain effect from prior damage (chronic pain). To address this, Back-A-Line developed its Magnetic Therapy Back Support, which adds patented, Niiomed® medical magnets for improved blood circulation and reduction of swelling. Only Niiomed® offers therapeutic concentric circle medical magnets, providing a unique configuration of constant and gradient fields, with alternating polarities, which has been shown to be clinically effective for musculoskeletal pain relief.

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