ACA Council for Sports Performance (ACASC)
"In many cases, you can achieve a full outcome with conservative-only treatments"

Osteopathic Sports Med (AOASM)
"The only wearable pain-mitigation device for most chronic back pain"

Chiropractic Council for Rehab (CCPTR)
"Back-A-Line serves as a 'silent monitor' enhancing new muscle memory"

ACA Occupational Health Council (ACAOH)
"Patented, curved, lumbar pad promote a safe low back posture"

New Enhancement for CHRONIC Pain - Therapeutic Magnets!

While correcting spinal mechanics will minimize pain going forward, there may remain residual pain effect from prior damage (chronic pain). To address this, Back-A-Line developed its Premier Dynamic Back Support, which adds patented, BMMI® medical magnets for improved blood circulation and reduction of swelling. Only BMMI® offers therapeutic concentric circle medical magnets, providing a unique configuration of constant and gradient fields, with alternating polarities, which has been shown to be clinically effective for musculoskeletal pain relief.

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Back-A-Line Experience Report

71% improved and 75% of those starting in the Danger Zone, dropped to Safe or Acceptable.

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Lumbar Pad

Harvard Medical School Back Pain Study

The "curved and firm" pad (Back-A-Line’s patent) provides a proprioceptive and apparent pain blocking feature. A smoothly contoured firm surface therefore appears to be a desirable feature of an orthosis.

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Miami University of Ohio (Center for Ergonomic Research) Back Pain Study

The back-belt participants consistently modified reaching postures by limiting extreme ranges of motion during a task that required enhanced stability. Furthermore, the methodology and analysis presented in this article when applied to chiropractic will allow us to begin thoughtful investigation of the effects of chiropractic adjustments on postural transitions and margin of safety.

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NIOSH study at Walmart (elastic back supports vs no belt at all) found

In the largest prospective cohort study of back belt use, neither frequent back belt use nor a store policy that required belt use was associated with reduced incidence of back injury claims or low back pain

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Article: Elastic Back Belts Found Ineffective- Associated Press

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A Critical Review of Randomized Controlled Trials of Static Magnets for Pain Relief

The weight of evidence from published, well-conducted controlled trials suggests that static magnetic fields are able to induce analgesia.

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Low Intensity Permanent Magnets in the Treatment of Chronic Lumbar Radicular Pain

In three of the secondary outcomes, global pain relief, average overall and worst overall pain score hint that overall pain in patients with chronic sciatica may be responsive to treatment with 200 G magnets. Lesser gauss (refrigerator magnets) has little effect.

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Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial of Static Magnets for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee Results of a Pilot Study

Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent musculoskeletal disease, affecting 10% of Americans and 55% of those older than 70.

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Effects of Static Magnets on Chronic Knee Pain and Physical Function: A Double-Blind Study

We found that surface application of static magnets over painful knee joints reduced perceptions of pain and functional disability to a significantly greater extent than did the application of placebos. (In case someone wonders why we include a pain study on the knee. The knee is a joint, so is the spine, and arthritis affects them both.

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