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New Mothers Can Maintain a Healthy Back with These 7 Tips

new mother back pain

The cravings, hormones, and swollen legs have ended and a bundle of joy is brought into the world. It should be time for a break. Unfortunately, the days of carrying a child have only just begun along with a new struggle for a healthy back.

A back injury is the last thing a new mother wants to think about it, but it’s possible. When a lifestyle suddenly involves carrying squirming children, bulky seats, and heavy bags it’s important to know how to accommodate your body.

Healthy Back Benefits

Pain is not the only reason to work toward a healthy back. 

By keeping a healthy back a body is able to support, protect, and coordinate itself. A person’s entire nervous system runs through the spine, the weaker the back the more easily damage can occur and long-term injuries sustained.


Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding is an amazing way to bond with a newborn and provides important nutrients to help them grow.

Pictures of new mothers feeding their babies often come with a gentle glow and smile, showing a peaceful moment. In reality, breastfeeding is far more taxing. Most new mothers don’t realize how it affects their back until they’re in the nursing position.

Don’t be afraid to move.

Changing positions frequently will help alleviate pain. Staying in one position constantly can cause problems and it may take some time to find which positions work well.

The best positions are ones that don’t cause the spine to curve forward uncomfortably. Using a pillow behind the back can help to keep it straight and alleviate stress.

Sitting isn’t required. Not only is standing healthy for your back, but it helps your legs and blood flow as well.


While it’s the last thing most new mothers want to do, exercising as soon as a baby is born can do wonders for the back.

A popular option is the ‘Mommy and Me’ yoga class. Mothers gather together to bond and exercise, not only with each other but their babies as well.

Sometimes it’s better to go it alone whether it be due to a busy schedule or preference. An exercise routine can begin easily with simple options such as wall sits and stretches.

Remember, it’s important to follow doctor’s instructions. Make sure they’re aware whether or not a new exercise routine is started. They will not only be able to approve the chosen routine but give tips on maintaining a healthy back.


If back pain is already an issue, a massage can be a great way to feel comfortable again.

A holistic approach to managing back pain, this method is a perfect option for those breastfeeding, but any new mother can benefit.

Massage helps the back not only through relaxing muscles but decreasing stress and tension that can cause a body to remain stiff. Circulation is increased and massage may even help relieve numbness and tingling that remain after giving birth.

Decreased swelling, better sleep, and hormone regulation are all benefits of massage. Studies show it can even help to decrease postpartum depression.

Ask for Help

A new mother may feel like her baby is her responsibility and her responsibility alone. Urging herself into more work than her body is capable of. It’s a noble effort, but far from required.

Most new mothers will have a support network that should not be ignored.

A partner is a perfect extra set of hands along with friends and family.

There are also support groups available in most areas. Finding a group of new moms not only provides a network in case of emergencies but can help create friends that are willing to help provide breaks.

Get Back Support

If the pain is too great and instant relief is needed to manage daily life, a back support is a perfect option.

An ideal back support band is comfortable, firm, and avoids stretching. Not only should your back support assist a healthy back while on, but it should create one for when it’s off by correcting posture.

A back support that curves to the spine can help relieve chronic back pain and make it easier to start good habits that contribute to a healthy back.

Getting Around

When lifting a child off the floor do not bend over. It is better to squat and use stomach muscles, straightening legs as the child is lifted. The same method is used to lift from the crib.

Even if it saves time, remove the tray of the high chair to settle a baby in. Wiggling them through the seat may seem time-saving, but it will cause more fuss and twisting.

Don’t forget the extra weight of baby supplies. A strap can be added to a car seat to make it easier to lift. Carrying a baby in a car seat is best done by holding them in front, like a load of laundry, to maintain better posture.

Eat Well

A healthy diet may seem too simple, or the answer to everything, but it’s even more important after childbirth. It’s important to speak with a doctor if there are any questions or concerns.

A good diet is even more important if breastfeeding. A breastfeeding mother should eat 500 more calories per day to keep up with demand!

Fruits, vegetables, lean meats; many of the best foods are good for a person no matter what. Now they can help you keep a healthy back.

If weight is decreased or managed during this stressful period less strain will be put on the back and spine. A healthy diet gives a new mom the energy to keep up with a baby, but it also helps keep the body in good condition.

A child will be picked up and down for years, multiple times a day. The less of mom’s weight that is added to the equation, the easier it is on the back.

Never Settle for Pain

There is no reason to allow back pain to rule your life. Creating a healthy back takes time and effort, but it does not have to be difficult.

Take small steps, do what is possible at the moment, and don’t let an opportunity for improvement go to waste.

Comment below so we can help, maybe there is a tip for new mothers that can be added. Or, learn a bit more about us and how we can help!

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