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Avoiding Back Surgery: What Can You Do?

back surgery alternatives

back surgery alternatives

Have you had back surgery? Surgery may seem like the best idea, but back surgery can be extremely risky.

This is especially true if you have spinal issues. Your spine holds your whole body together. One small blow on your spine can destroy your whole body.

If you have a back injury and your doctor suggests surgery, find other options before booking your appointment.

Going under the knife may seem like your only option, but there are plenty of ways to maintain a healthy back without surgery. Here are ways to undergo spine treatment without back surgery.

Stay Hydrated

You constantly hear this advice: stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. It’s understandable why water is great for your digestive system and your skin. But water is also beneficial for your back health.

Between your vertebrae are discs. They are gel-like substances that help support your spine.

Like other body parts, your discs can become dehydrated. When they’re dehydrated, they’re brittle and weak. They won’t be able to support your spine and you’ll be more susceptible to spinal injury.

Once these disks are damaged, you’re at risk for a number of back problems. These include bulging discs, herniated discs, and pinched nerves.

All of these problems cause excruciating pain; specifically, sciatic pain. This type of nerve pain affects the whole body, leaving some sufferers unable to even walk.

A great spine treatment method is drinking more water.

An adult needs at least six cups (measuring cups) every day. Try to avoid tap water. Drink filtered water so your body can fully absorb water’s benefits. To enhance hydration, alternate tap water with coconut water.

Buy an Inversion Table

You’re probably thinking, what’s an inversion table?

An inversion table looks similar to the back of a chair. But an inversion table is different than just practicing good sitting posture. Basically, your body is elongated and upside down.

Does this seem uncomfortable and awkward? An inversion table is actually quite comfortable and relaxing. This table helps ease back pain and back stress. Inversion tables relieve pressure on your vertebrae’s discs and ligaments.

By doing this, you’re also improving blood circulation and easing sore back muscles. This also helps increase flexibility.

But why are you upside down? This position, called inversion, uses gravity to alleviate spinal pressure. Hanging upside down relieves pressure and pain from the spine.

Overall, inversion tables help relax your body while fighting fatigue and stress.

So where do you find an inversion table? Certain chiropractors have one in their office. You should always consult your doctor or chiropractor before using an inversion table.


Yoga is one of the best exercises you can do for your body. For those who have never practiced yoga, this is a form of meditation that combines breathing with various poses.

It’s famous for increasing both health and relaxation. Yoga is great for anyone of any age, gender, and weight. It’s also great for increasing flexibility and strength.

Most yogis immediately experience improved flexibility, especially their backs. Poses such as backbends and downward facing dog challenge your back muscles to sustain these poses for long periods.

That’s why yoga is an effective spine treatment.

While you’re in these poses, your strength is increasing. For back poses, these poses help increase back strength to fight pain. Since yoga balances both strength and flexibility, yoga keeps you away from the back surgeon.

Is traditional yoga boring you? There are multiple forms of yoga and they cater to multiple fitness levels.

A great yoga variation is hot yoga, where you perform yoga poses in a heated room. This detoxifies your body, removing toxins from your back muscles. It also alleviates pain and inflammation.

Weight Loss

Keeping down the pounds is an effective spine treatment.

When you’re overweight, your body is carrying excess fat. This is heightened when you have a hefty belly; your back is working harder to support your large belly, which strains your back.

Carrying excess weight for years causes even more back strain. This is when the back pain starts, back problems persist, and when you need spine treatment. To prevent a visit to the back surgeon, start losing weight.

Dieting is one of the best benefits for your body. Staying hydrated is great for your back, but you should also cut out certain foods. These include simple carbohydrates and sugar, as these store excess fat without any dietary benefits.

Be careful about intense exercises, especially for back problems. Intense workouts such as heavy lifting could cause more back strain if you use bad form or don’t train with a trainer.

When beginning a weight loss exercise regimen, stick to cardio and moderate strength training.

Never Schedule Back Surgery Immediately

What if you tried the above methods and you still need spine treatment? Don’t feel pressured to schedule a consultation with a surgeon — wait a few months to see if your back pain improves. Certain back ailments go away on their own.

Herniated discs, for example, usually heal with time. Experiencing intense back pain is abnormal, but doesn’t have to be alarming. Wait a few weeks or even a couple of months.

The reason is simple: your body can repair itself. If the outer disc is injured, the inner disc can push it out to prevent injury to the rest of your spinal cord.

Not all patients experience a herniated disc improvement — this is why it’s best to not let pain persist more than a couple of months. If you wait several months to years, your discs can break down, making your back problems more severe.

Do You Need Spine Treatment?

If you have back problems, you may think back surgery is the only way your back can heal. But simple health tips can help you sustain your back health for years. Drink plenty of water, exercise and do yoga.

If you still experience pain after a couple of months, you should contact a few doctors for opinions and alternative solutions to back surgery.

Are you looking for a back pain product? Take a look at our back brace.

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