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Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

How does Back-A-Line work?

What makes the Back-A-Line support "dynamic?"

Does Back-A-Line work for everybody with a back problem?

Aren't all back supports similar?

Is Back-A-Line proven to work?

What evidence do you have that Back-A-Line works?

Instructions for use

Can I wear the medical magnet model if I have a pacemaker?

Do you have a larger model than XX-Large?

I go for long rides on my motorcycles. Can I wear this while riding? Will it help?

Is this just another kidney belt?

I have osteoarthritis and degenerated disks in my back, will this help?

I’ve had prior injuries, back surgeries and am looking for daily back pain relief. Will this help?

What’s the difference between the SPORT and RX model with magnets??

Does Back-A-Line work for people with scoliosis?

I am in-between sizes. Which size should I get?

Is Back-A-Line washable?