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Back-A-Line RX with Medical Magnets

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Back-a-Line RX embeds Niiomed® medical magnets, concentric circle magnets in a unique configuration of both constant and gradient magnetic fields for enhanced circulation, reduced swelling and relief from chronic back pain.


Ideal for chronic back pain and post-injury healing

  • Innovative Niiomed® Medical Magnets reduce inflammation and address chronic pain conditions.
     Manufacturers of medical devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators and insulin pumps advise consumers to avoid the use of products containing magnets. Magnetic products should not be placed directly over an open wound or transdermal drug delivery patch. 
  • Anatomic lumbar pad helps train core muscles to stabilize the lumbar spine in a healthy, neutral lordosis. 
  • Industrial grade materials built to last.
  • Non-stretch to facilitate core muscle "activation" (rather than "atrophy" with wearing an elastic back belt). Keeps back muscles strong.
  • Secondary strap for additional tightening and support. (No secondary strap on 3X-Large).
  • Soft "wick-away" liner for comfort.  
  • HSA and FSA eligible. HCPCS/Medicare Code #L0641.
  • Machine wash. Air dry.
  • Made in USA 

Recommended for: Chronic back pain, post-injury healing, industrial back support, sports, lifting belt, golf back brace, motorcycle kidney belt, lumbar stabilization belt, back pain relief in everyday activities.

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Magnetic therapy + back support

Like all Back-A-Line belts, the RX works to ease pain by correcting spinal mechanics and posture. Each brace incorporates a patented ''curved-and-firm'' pad that creates proprioceptive feedback, which means that your body works naturally in conjunction with the belt to promote stronger muscles and properly align spinal tissues. The result is that your back works naturally and you get true relief from back pain. 

While correcting spinal mechanics will reduce painful episodes going forward, there may remain residual pain effect from prior damage or underlying chronic pain. To address this, Back-A-Line developed the Back-A-Line RX, which adds patented Niiomed® medical magnets for improved blood circulation and reduction of swelling. Only Niiomed® offers therapeutic concentric circle medical magnets, providing a unique configuration of constant and gradient fields with alternating polarities, which has been shown to be clinically effective for musculoskeletal pain relief.

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