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Rated #1 Motorcycle Back Brace by Motorcycle Consumer News

Designed to improve riding position, relieve back pain and reduce fatigue on long motorcycle rides.

All Back-A-Line belts provide the same lumbar stabilization and orthopedic support, with variations in the liner and shell materials for different applications. Both our kidney and sport belts use industrial-grade materials that are resistant to weather for outdoor use. If you ride in full gear in warm weather with your Back-A-Line under your jacket, you might prefer our new Back-A-Line Breeze with a breathable outer shell to help keep you cool and dry. Read about how Back-A-Line works ...

A backrest you can wear

Riding posture is what it's all about. When you ride with proper posture, you increase your spine's tolerance to load and road vibration, so you can ride longer without back pain. A motorcycle backrest is just that, a "rest" to lean against, but it really can't fix your posture the way Back-A-Line can. Some riders claim that with Back-A-Line, they don't need a backrest on their bike anymore.

Like a kidney belt, but it's not

Most kidney belts are wide elastic bands worn around the lower torso to protect internal organs from damage due to strain, shock, or vibration. Unfortunately, an elastic band can't correct posture. Back-A-Line is a non-elastic belt with a built-in orthopedic lumbar pad designed to correct posture and protect internal organs at the same time.

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Motorcycle Consumer News

Back support belts product comparison

“We rate Back-A-Line lumbar support best in our test group by a large margin.”

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Rider's Share logo

Rider's Share

This belt ended my riding back pain

“It's a lumbar support in a belt. For those of us who ride bikes without a back rest, this is a really big deal ...” Guillermo Cornejo

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BMW Owners News

The back rest you can wear

"I got off my bike resolving to never take a long ride again without it."

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American Iron Magazine

Does your back hurt when you ride?

"Nearly 200 miles later, I returned back pain free."

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The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel

Does your back hurt when you ride?

"Give your back a break ... Back-A-Line wraps around your waist and can be worn over or under your clothes..." Dale Coyner

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