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It's not WHAT you lift, but HOW you lift ... and how you do everything else.

In 58 separate work site evaluations with over 2000 participants in a broad cross-section of industrial environments including the US Army, large retailers, and airline baggage handlers, 71% of subjects had less back pain and fatigue at the end of the day when using a Back-A-Line belt.

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Best industrial back braces and work belts

There's a right and a wrong way to lift. Back-A-Line trains your back to lift the right way.

Unlike typical elastic back belts that conform to you, with Back-A-Line, your body conforms to it. The snug belt and anatomical shape of the lumbar pad trains your back to move in a more safe way, which in turn reduces your injury risk and relieves pain resulting from poor spinal mechanics.

Tested and proven

A one-year test by the US Army of material off-loaders in a combat zone resulted in a 61% reduction in back injuries. And a recent set of tests by a major airline resulted in a 95% reduction of people in the Danger Zone (those who started as "high risk" subjects). As a result, they provide Back-A-Line belts for their worldwide baggage handlers.

Back-A-Line has been used across many industries including air transport, food and grocery, health care, trucking, and manufacturing as well as public sector unions. We've received thousands of letters and emails from satisfied individuals who have worn Back-A-Line belts in a range of activities including athletic competition, driving, riding motorcycles, gardening, working at a desk job and waitressing. Some folks even sleep in it. 

Approved by doctors and recognized by the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine. Made in the USA of industrial-grade materials, this back support belt can stand up to almost anything.

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