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Back-A-Line Sport ST - Short Torso

Size Guide

Our most popular Back-A-Line belt, contoured for a shorter torso. People with a short torso have less-than-average vertical space between the ribs and hips. 

Recomended for:

  • People under 5'3".
  • People up to 5'7" with short-torso/long-legs body proportion.
  • Curvy women with hip development greater than 8". Hip development is the difference in circumference between a smaller waist and larger hips.
  • People with a short-radius lumbar curve. 

The firm, anatomically-curved lumbar pad hugs the lower back to correct spinal mechanics, reduce the risk of injury, improve posture, and minimize aches and pains throughout the back and lower body.

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A back belt built to last

  • Anatomic lumbar pad helps train core muscles to stabilize the lumbar spine in a healthy, neutral lordosis. 
  • Industrial grade materials.
  • Non-stretch to facilitate core muscle "activation" (rather than "atrophy" with wearing an elastic back belt). Keeps back muscles strong.
  • Soft "wick-away" liner for comfort.  
  • HSA and FSA eligible. HCPCS/Medicare Code #L0641.
  • Machine wash. Air dry.
  • Made in USA 

Recommended for: Industrial back support, sports, lifting belt, golf back brace, motorcycle kidney belt, lumbar stabilization belt, back pain relief in everyday activities.

Patented "firm and curved" lumbar pad in a non-stretch belt

The anatomic lumbar pad dynamically stabilizes the lumbar spine in a neutral lordosis and simultaneously stimulates proprioceptive feedback to correct spinal mechanics and train muscle memory.

The non-stretch compression belt coerces the spine to adjust to the curved lumbar pad and provides an isometric moment to build core strength.

The postural correction facilitated by a Back-A-Line belt reduces risk of re-injury and provides an ideal environment for healing.

Tested in a combat zone by the U.S. Army with a 61% reduction in back injuries. Approved by doctors and recognized by the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine.

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