back pain from golf

Back Support Belt for Back Pain with Lumbar Pad - Deluxe

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Army Tested & Physician Approved

This back support belt has a patented lumbar pad (curved and firm) which corrects spinal mechanics, the true cause of back injuries. A one-year test by the US Army of material off-loaders in a combat zone resulted in a 61% reduction in back injuries! The ONLY product ever to receive a seal of acceptance by AOASM, Back-A-Line provides back pain relief while correcting bad posture. 

  • Patented curved, firm lumbar pad corrects spinal mechanics
  • Scientifically proven - major medical school study, two peer reviewed studies
  • Received only AOASM seal of acceptance (sports med)
  • Non-stretch - creates muscle "activation", rather than "atrophy" with elastic back belts
  • Stops or minimizes back pain