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Baby Your Back Maternity Back Support with Lumbar Pad

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Future Mom’s Approved!

Features patented firm curved pad to which the spine will conform to guarantee proper spinal mechanics which is especially important during pregnancy to help keep your balance and also reduce back pain during pregnancy. Non-stretch belt portion supports abdominal weight, reducing stretch marks, and minimizes change in center of gravity. Strong Velcro straps hold belt snugly and comfortably in position.

  • Designed for expectant moms Baby Your Back® maternity back support belt alleviates lower back pain during pregnancy.
  • Designed to reduce stretch marks unlike "elastic girdles" that can't support the weight like BYB.
  • Orthopedic design corrects and lifts the abdomen so it feels lighter and helps reduce strain.
  • Lightweight, washable all-natural cotton fabric reduces perspiration with airy, wick-away fibers.
  • SIZING INSTRUCTIONS - Order the largest size that includes your measurement when measured at the angle shown in pictures.
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