Baby Your Back

Size Guide

The Baby Your Back® maternity belt features:

  • Firm, anatomically curved lumbar pad helps train core muscles to stabilize the lumbar spine in a healthy, neutral lordosis. 
  • Supports the back and lifts the abdomen to maintain proper posture.
  • Technology to reduce stretch marks, unlike elastic belly support bands.
  • Lightweight and washable natural cotton fabric.
  • Reduces abdomen weight to increase sensations of lightness and range of motion
  • Sturdy Velcro straps for easy and convenient daily wear.
  • HSA and FSA eligible. HCPCS/Medicare Code #L0641.
  • Machine wash. Air dry.
  • Made in USA 

Measurement and instructions

The Baby Your Back® is worn with the lumbar pad right in the small of your back. Bring the belt flaps forward from each side to meet about 4 inches under your navel. Lift your belly weight, secure the Velcro pieces and, when your belly weight falls into the non-stretch belt, not only does it snug it up but it also carries the belly weight on your hips, so you don’t have to hyper-arch your spine to maintain your center of gravity within your foot plant. When you order, measure the circumference with the same angle and order the largest size that includes your measurement. This will give you 9-13 inches of belly growth without needing another.