Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Home Remedies for Back Pain

Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain 

When it comes to chronic back pain, it’s difficult to head to the doctors every time you have an ache. Luckily, there are many daily practices that you can implement to reduce pain. 

In order to limit your trips to the doctors and reduce your back discomfort, we’ve created a list of solutions that you can try to bring relief at home.

Stretch Extensively Everyday

Believe it or not, some of the most common reasons for back pain, is due to a lack of stretching.

A common misconception is that only athletes or active workers should stretch on a regular basis. But the truth is, If you don't stretch, your muscles will become perpetually tight, putting you at higher risk for injury.

Consider stretching a proactive practice that will (over the span of your life) significantly reduce your back pain. With back well-stretched and ready for action, you are less likely to deal with swelling and inflammation.

There are several lower back stretches that you can engage in. Pick 3 to 5 that target the areas on your back that hurt, and perform them on a daily basis.

Home Remedies for Back Pain

Build Your Back and Core Muscle Groups

No matter what activity you are engaging in, chances are your back muscles play a role. Whether it’s sitting up straight, lifting heavy objects or playing a sport, your back and back muscles are playing a crucial role. In order to avoid back pain before it starts, try building the muscles in your back. With stronger back muscles, you have a higher chance of avoiding the back pain from the beginning.

Not sure where to start? Because you don’t want to cause a back injury, try signing up for a gym membership. This will give you access to great equipment as well as personal trainers who can help you perform exercises correctly and target the right muscles.

Keep in mind, it's important that you build your core muscles as well, since they work with your back muscles to keep you in shape. A weak core can lead to back pain, and vice versa. If you build these muscle groups together, you are far less likely to deal with chronic pain.

Apply Peppermint Oil to Your Lower Back

There are plenty of essential oils you can use for various pains you may experience. Peppermint oil happens to be one of the most effective for pain relief.

By applying just a few drops of this oil to your lower back, it can help to stimulate your back muscles and increase your mobility. You'll get a tingling sensation that will also help fight inflammation.

Peppermint oil also boost your brain endorphins to help you deal with any pain you are experiencing. Stock up on plenty of bottles of peppermint oil to help with your lower back pain.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that everyone should participate in, especially if you’re dealing with chronic lower back pain.

There are several yoga poses that people use just to deal with their lower back pain alone. This will allow you to elongate your spine and build your back and core muscles. By working out these muscles on a regular basis and toning your entire body, you are less susceptible to injury.

Yoga helps you build balance as well, one less likely to pull muscles in your back. This gives you the chance to move naturally and gracefully so that you do not end up injuring yourself through everyday motions.

What's more, yoga helps to instill a sense of calm and peace, which is useful when dealing with any sort of pain relief. When you practice yoga regularly, you will be much stronger and more equipped to deal with even the worst lower back pain.

Try Hot and Cold Therapies

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best form of pain relief. Invest in a cold pack and a heating pad and use them every day.

Your body will naturally start to deal with swelling and soreness when you pamper yourself and apply these treatments regularly. You can also invest in some hot and cold balms that will activate your muscles and help you improve your mobility.

Be sure that you shop around for some great therapies so that you can get the healing that you need for your lower back.

Put Back Pain in its Place

When it comes to dealing with back pain at home, these remedies are a great place to start. And one final recommendation for us that has worked for our customers, is to wear a support brace. if you’ve never tried wearing a brace at home to reduce back pain, take a look at our physician recommended back brace. Our brace’s curved yet firm lumbar support pad works to improve posture and reduce pain all while ensuring a comfortable fit. If you're ready to take this step in getting relief, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always here and available to answer any questions you may have.

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