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Best Backpacks for Back Pain

Backpacks for Back Pain

Best Backpacks for Back Pain

When it comes to pinpointing why your back hurts, there are many possible culprits worth investigating. However, one that is commonly overlooked, is the backpack. Many people, such as commuters and students, carry heavy sacks around all day without considering what effect it’s having on their back.

In order to help you avoid making that same mistake, we’ve provided information on what to look out for when purchasing a backpack and the best backpacks for back pain on the market.

Backpack Qualities to Consider

Your Body Weight

For kids, a loaded backpack shouldn't weigh more than 10% to 15% of their total body weight. Adults can carry a little more than that. Recreational backpackers recommend carrying no more than 20% of one's body weight.

That still depends on several factors, such as your current health. Even with an ergonomic backpack, you still want to lessen the burden on your back.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The good news is, many manufacturers now incorporate ergonomic designs in their backpacks. Today, you'll find ergonomic features like back cushioning, padding, and even ventilation. Wider, padded straps are also a must for comfort and back support.

Organization and Extra Features

A padded laptop compartment is essential for most college students and professionals. But for improved ergonomics, look for a backpack that features multiple compartments. These organization features help evenly spread the weight of the bag's contents.

Planning to use the bag as your carry on during travels? It's a good idea to go with a backpack offering quick snapping or hooking of your travel pillow. An easy access bottle holder as well as key chains are also good features to look for.

Ergonomic backpacks also boast wide and durable chest and waist belts. These belts do more than keep the backpack stable. They also help with better weight distribution across the body.

Backpacks for Back Pain

The Top-Rated Backpacks for People with Back Pain

Now that you know what makes for the best backpack for lower back pain, you have a better idea what to shop for. To make things even easier, we've rounded up five of the top-rated ones in the market today.

The North Face Big Shot

North Face is well-known in the hiking and backpacking world. For many good reasons, including impressive durability, comfort, and cooling.

But this American brand doesn't only cater to outdoorsy folks. It also offers day-to-day functional products, like the Big Shot backpack. It's great for both men and women who need to carry quite a lot of stuff but don't want to worry about added stress on their back.

Unloaded, the North Face Big Shot weighs 2.9 pounds. It also comes with the brand's trademark FlexVent suspension system. This, combined with the pack's molded shoulder straps, helps keep you (and your back!) comfy and cool.

Plus, the backpack comes with a fleece-lined laptop compartment, as well as a stowable hip belt. It also features front stash pockets, for easy access to your water tumbler and other small items.

High Sierra Swerve

The Swerve from High Sierra isn't only great for short road trips; it's also a wallet-friendly! Although it's affordable, it still manages to offer ergonomic features.

For starters, it has wide, cushioned shoulder straps. It also comes with a padded bottom for extra back and shoulder support. The reflective piping is a plus, especially if you often travel on your bike at night.

Its zippers could've been better though, but all in all, the Swerve is a good knapsack option for those with back pain.

Ivar Urban 20

Proper weight distribution was a key consideration during this bag's design process. And that's exactly what the finished Ivar Urban 20 has to offer. Aside from ergonomics, the backpack's unique shelving system also offers ease of access.

A snug and secure fit awaits a laptop (up to 15-inches) in the biggest inner compartment. It also has tilting inner shelves, making it easy to organize your stuff. It's lightweight, which also aids in keeping your back straight.

Incase Icon

Stable and supportive, the Incase Icon is a good choice for techy students and office workers. It's adjustable, which allows for a much better and custom back and shoulder fit. The airflow channels deliver much-needed ventilation, preventing excessive sweating and overheating.

You can choose from a variety of colors, including classic black, metallic gray, and cool red. Whatever color you choose though, you also get to enjoy a side pocket complete with a cable port!

Osprey Parsec

Thanks to Osprey Parsec, carrying stuff is now less painful for those with back pain. It offers more than comfort and portability though. It's also solidly-built and comes with extra padding for better support.

The tablet sleeve is also padded, ensuring the safety of your tech gear and other gadgets. The mesh pockets on the side are stretchable, making it a cinch to safely stow items like a water bottle.

Find a Backpack That Works for You

Make your life easier and less painful with one of the best backpacks for back pain. These ergonomic bags are great for organizing and transporting your day-to-day essentials. It also doesn't hurt that they look cool and that they have extra features like cooling and ventilation.

So, don't wait for your back to suffer from even more pain! Get one of these bags now and experience that much needed back pain relief.

For help easing your back pain, check out our products today. We're here to help!


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