How it works

How does Back-A-Line work?

What makes the Back-A-Line support "dynamic?"

Does Back-A-Line work for everybody with a back problem?

Aren't all back supports similar?

Is Back-A-Line proven to work?

What evidence do you have that Back-A-Line works?

How does Back-A-Line train your back to heal itself?

Does Back-A-Line really work?

Instructions for use

Can I wear the medical magnet model if I have a pacemaker?

Do you have a larger model than XX-Large?

I go for long rides on my motorcycles. Can I wear this while riding? Will it help?

Is this just another kidney belt?

I have osteoarthritis and degenerated disks in my back, will this help?

I’ve had prior injuries, back surgeries and am looking for daily back pain relief. Will this help?

I have moderate to severe back chronic back pain. Will a Back-A-Line support help me?

What’s the difference between the SPORT and RX model with magnets??

Does Back-A-Line work for people with scoliosis?

I am in-between sizes. Which size should I get?


Is Back-A-Line covered by insurance?

Where is Back-A-Line made?