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What can Back-A-Line do for you?

Correct spinal posture

Trains healthy postural habits. Firm, anatomic lumbar pad helps preserve the neutral lumbar lordosis through compression and proprioceptive feedback. 

Build muscle memory

Anatomic lumbar pad coerces the spine to conform to it, providing ideal training for spinal mechanics and core muscles.

Increase core strength

Unlike elastic supports, a non-stretch belt provides the necessary resistance to activate core muscles with activity. 

Shrink inflammation (optional)

Medical magnets shrink inflammation and improve circulation to facilitate healing. (Only available on Back-A-Line RX).

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Back-A-Line  anatomical schematic

Back-A-Line is covered under Medicare reimbursement code #L0641

Recommended by doctors. Proven in real-world tests by the US Army and major corporations. Tens of thousands of satisfied customers.