Why it works

Back-A-Line uniquely addresses the cause of back pain and injury:  poor spinal mechanics. Bending, twisting, or reaching from the waist can stretch spinal or core tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia) unnaturally, resulting in subjective pain or stiffness. 

Back-A-Line’s Dynamic Back Support applies a patented lumbar pad – curved and firm – embedded in a non-elastic belt, to correct spinal mechanics at the behavioral level (proprioceptive feedback) while creating muscle memory going forward. This Dynamic Back Support application significantly reduces mechanical risk and alleviates pain.


However, while correcting spinal mechanics will minimize pain going forward, there may remain residual pain effect from prior damage (chronic pain). To address this, Back-A-Line developed its Premier Dynamic Back Support, which adds patented, BMMI® medical magnets for improved blood circulation and reduction of swelling. Only BMMI® offers therapeutic concentric circle medical magnets, providing a unique configuration of constant and gradient fields, with alternating polarities, which has been shown to be clinically effective for musculoskeletal pain relief.