Back-A-Line - Dynamic Back Support for Sports and Exercise Use

Don’t let back strain ruin your fun!

Whatever your sport or recreation of choice – be it skiing the steepest slopes, lifting weights, running, golfing, playing baseball or backpacking the tallest mountain – make sure your adventures start and end on a good foot with Back-A-Line back support braces designed for sports and recreation.

Anyone who enjoys indoor and outdoor activities can benefit from using Back-A-Line’s Dynamic Support, which allows you to be the best you can be without the nagging worry of back strain caused by repetitive motions or sudden surges.

The Back-A-Line Dynamic Support also eases pre-existing back pain, offering firm support for your core middle region. Its distinctive design will protect your back from pain or injury, while putting your posture back in alignment with gentle lumbar support. Your back will instantly feel better when you wear Back-A-Line! Plus you will achieve better lumbar positioning without the common elastic materials used by many common types of back brace support belts. Back-A-Line supports your midsection and strengthens your muscles while you work out or play hard!

Our top selling dynamic back support is great for most general activities and is especially handy for sports and fitness enthusiasts.

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