What makes the Back-A-Line support "dynamic"?

“Dynamic” means that there is a Bio-feedback phenomenon, created by BAL’s patented lumbar pad, which causes spinal tissues to reorient their positioning to maintain a safe range of motion during any non-static activity. Since postural “habits” – usually bad – have been part of our spinal mechanics for most of our lives, it’s almost impossible to correct them at the conscious level. It must be corrected at the subconscious – or behavioral – level which is the result of this Bio-feedback. A Harvard Medical School paper found that a “curved and firm surface”, pressed against the spine, was the best way to create this risk-reducing “dynamic”, and the reason why only BAL can use the term.

Does Back-A-Line work for everybody who has a back problem?

No not everybody. Those with spinal anomalies – scoliosis, spinal fusion, kyphotic posture – will NOT be able to adjust their spine to the curve of the lumbar pad, making it somewhat uncomfortable That category is about 5% of the population.. But Back-A-Line works for most people who have moderate to severe lower back pain or fatigue problems. We are not a substitute for medical treatments or for medical professionals [although a number of them recommend our product]. Back-A-Line is also covered under Medicare Reimbursement code # L0626. We feel it’s worth a try to get one of our products if you experience or are concerned with back problems.

What if I am not happy with the product?

That’s easy – send it back to us for a replacement or full refund! If it’s the wrong size, we will replace it. If you just want your money refunded, we will do so. No ifs, and, or buts.

*Does not apply to closeout merchandise.

Aren’t all back Supports Similar?

Absolutely NOT! There are many back supports on the market, some for weightlifting, some for other purposes. Lots of claims made, and a lot of them cost less than ours. But NONE of them work, because, if it does not correct posture, it does not reduce the pain or risk of injury. Worse, some even create more problems as they act as a girdle and make your muscles weaker, not stronger like our product does. (Read the AOASM statement on the testimonial page) As a matter of fact, a major study at Wal-Mart and published in the Journal of American Medical Association of the commonly sold black elastic back belts showed NO effect on pain and injury rates when using them.

Do many people have back problems?

Sadly, at any given time 30% of people are experiencing back pain. More so for people as they get beyond 30 years old or so. Over their lifetime, 80% of adults will experience a back problem. Since only about 4% of people do any significant lifting, any number of things can trigger back pain or injury. You normally think about hurting your back by bending or lifting or twisting wrong. Unfortunately, back problems occur most often over time, through ordinary wear and tear of daily lives. So standing, sitting, driving a lot, working, dancing, reaching and virtually everything else you do can trigger a back problem.

Why Does it Work?

Well it probably started for humanity as we learned to walk upright on two feet. Do you remember your mother perhaps nagging you to sit up straight! And did you? It seems poor postural habits are now “hard-wired” in all of us in our DNA and in our body mechanics; not helped by what we do every day, and very difficult to change at the conscious level. That’s why Back-A-Line is designed to work at the proprioceptive level of our bodies, training our body at the “sub-conscious” level as to how best to stand up, sit down, lift, bend, reach, twist, etc. It is amazing in that after a short break-in period of 1-4 hours, Back-A-Line feels great on – no matter what you are doing. Some people even sleep with it on [but it doesn’t cure snoring!]. As the saying goes – try it, you’ll like it!

How do I know it’s working?

Back-A-Line has been in business for over 15 years. During that time it has been researched in a number of important academic environments, and tested by thousands of users both in industrial, work, and home environments.

A Harvard medical study showed that a “curved and firm” surface when pressed against the back created proprioceptive feedback, a dynamic where the tissues of the back reorient their positioning to maintain good body mechanics, working at the behavioral, not conscious level, the only way to correct poor postural habits.

A Miami (OH) study of Back-A-Line, showing that Back-A-Line could keep the spine in a safe range of motion, credited the successful results to proprioceptive feedback.

Back-A-Line has a patent on the only way to create this proprioceptive feedback and is therefore the most effective way to do so.

The Back-A-Line support corrects posture, activates abdominal muscles to rigidify trunk, strengthens the back, reduces back pain and fatigue, and lessens chances of back injury.

Therefore, the only proven solution to back pain and injury in the workplace, and elsewhere!

Other endorsements can be found in our Testimonials Section from major medical and chiropractic groups.

Back-A-Line has been formally tested in over 30 industrial situations with over 1,500 participants. The results speak for themselves – on a five point pain and fatigue scale – after three or more weeks of using Back-A-Line, there was a 75% reduction of people in the “Danger Zone” Categories from pain and fatigue. A one-year test of material off-loaders in a combat zone by the U.S. Army resulted in a 61% reduction in back injuries! And a recent set of tests by a major airline resulted in a 95% reduction of people in the Danger Zone. As a result, they are now ordering Back-A-Line for all of their worldwide baggage handlers.

We have received hundreds of letters and emails from highly satisfied individuals, who have worn Back-A-Line in sports, driving, riding bicycles and motorcycles, gardening, working at a desk all day, and many many other activities. You can read some of these emails and letters in our Testimonials Section, and on many of our individual pages.