Back-A-Line - Dynamic Back Support for Maternity Support

Smart Moms Know That Back Pain Prevention is the Best Way to Stay in Good Health for the Sake of Her Newborn.

Pregnancy is known to cause back pain and strain – often so severe it can lead to total bed rest or activity restrictions. This can lead to further complications in the delivery of a safe, healthy infant. Back-A-Line provides a unique and comfortable way to alleviate the strains and pains of back pain associated with carrying a baby. It keeps your posture straight and makes your back feel great, even in high risk pregnancies or for expectant moms who have older children or toddlers that still want to be held and carried while the pregnancy is in progress. Back-A-Line is also useful after the baby is born, since most of his or her first 2 – 3 years will require carrying and lifting all day long. Moms are strong, but even the strongest mothers know that being smart about back pain prevention is the best way to stay in good health for the sake of her newborn.

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Baby Your Back with Back-A-Line Maternity Support Belt

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