Back-A-Line - Dynamic Back Support for Home and Garden Use

Expert Back Support for the DIY'er.

Using innovative technology, Back-A-Line offers a unique solution to the prevention of lower back pain. This ergonomically designed lumbar back support has a distinctive edge over leather, elastic and athletic back belts. Because of its orthopedic proponents, Back-A-Line offers snug support that cradles your lower back while offering curved and firm support. This creates maximum protection against back injuries including maximum protection from back injuries associated with heavy lifting, athletic training or continuous motion. The breathable, washable lining wicks away perspiration, so all you feel is the ultimate in comfort and protection. That's why Back-A-Line is the MOST ENDORSED BACK SUPPORT IN AMERICA!

Until now, many lower back support products were a waste of money and provided only minimal lumbar support. According to NIOSH results of the largest study ever conducted and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association; "... there is no evidence that back belts reduce back injury or back pain for [individuals] who lift or move objects." A similar study by Miami University of Ohio found that; ""People who lift heavy objects are equally likely to injure their backs whether they wear a supportive back belt or not." These studies reveal a surprising revelation that traditional elastic back support belts and lower back braces offer very little to no support of back muscles.

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