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Back-A-Line Provides Superior Comfort to Last All Day!

The Back-A-Line Dynamic Back Support is the most comfortable and well-made back support product on the market today. It has many professional recommendations and has been tested and proven by thousands of people in the toughest of environments. This unique patented orthopedically correct lumbar support provides a guaranteed fit, snug support and overall appealing design for incomparable comfort and back relief.

When should you wear Back-A-Line?

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Your back will tell you. Day to day activities such as moving, lifting, twisting or sitting at a computer desk can make your back feel stiff and sore. When even the simple tasks feel strenuous on your lower back, it’s time for much-needed support!

Your back muscles represent the core of your entire body and now you can begin to feel good again with Back-A-Line, the most trusted lower back support on the market today! This superior back support design uses a patented lumbar pad to put your back on the right track, providing the ultimate in back relief and sustenance. You may even find yourself sitting upright again, as the Back-A-Line naturally encourages good posture – for work related activities, fitness and day-to-day activities.

If you’re tired of feeling strained, fatigued and sore from lifting, bending, twisting or just sitting; try the back support brace that we guarantee helps even the most common twinges.

All the studies show that poor body mechanics place stress on your spine during almost any activity. That stress will eventually injure the lumbar discs and cause pain, strain or injury. Back-A-Line’s patented design is fully ergonomic, working to eliminate pain and prevent back injury.

Back-A-Line’s patented ergonomically-correct lumbar support is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and protects you from back pain and injury.

We believe in our product and stand behind it with an unconditional, money-back guarantee.

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