Reduce Back Injuries with the Patented Back-A-Line Solution

Main contributing cause of low back injuries – poor spinal mechanics:

  • It’s not WHAT you lift, but HOW you lift and HOW you do everything else
    • 96% of back injuries have some degree of Repetitive Motion Injury
    • Old-style elastic girdle belts emphasized a false notion of lifting as the primary cause
  • Back-A-Line is the only wearable orthotic to correct spinal mechanics behaviorally.

Scientific and Professional Support:

  • Studies:
    • Harvard paper: a “curved, firm surface” created “proprioceptive feedback”
    • Peer-reviewed Miami-OH: Back-A-Line maintained lordosis in a reaching mode, without the conscious risk of heavy lifting, crediting proprioceptive feedback.
  • Endorsements:
    • Granted the only Seal of Acceptance from The AOASM (Osteopathic Sports Med)
    • George Petruska, past president of the ACA Rehab Council writes:
      • “Back-A-Line provides synergistic support to the chiropractic model for both acute and chronic back pain. The curved, firm lumbar pad facilitates a biomechanical response providing stability along with a proprioceptive response, limiting regression to compromised motor patterns. Back-A-Line serves as a “silent monitor” enhancing new muscle memory. The Premier version with BMMI® therapeutic medical magnets is an excellent tool assisting proper functional form during the rehab protocol.”
  • Experience:
    • BAL conducted 58 evaluations over a broad industrial environments, with over 2,000 participants. See the powerful results in “Experience Report

Two Back-A-Line models to address your goals:

  • Prevention (where $$ are)
Deluxe- w/o magnets: minimize postural risk component
  • Temporary or some pain
Deluxe-if minor; if pain affects motion, Premier - w/magnets
  • Chronic pain
Premier – corrects posture, reduces from pain prior damage

Special offer for your “employer” clients:

  • Risk-Free Trial (as offered to previous 58 evaluations – never a failed result):
    • Back-A-Lines sent for 20 workers to wear for 21 days—no payment due.
    • Pay only if the client is satisfied with results. If not, send them back, freight collect!
    • All future orders will have a special discount applied automatically. Call for code.
    • A short questionnaire is included for employee evaluation.
    • No risk to your patient or of alienating your client. We know what the result will be!

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