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  • “I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you about my recent success story with the Back-A-Line support. This past week-end I was moving a picnic table, and in doing so, experienced an excruciating pain in my low back. As there were no chiropractic friends of mine to be found, I hobbled to my office and managed to put on one of the Back-A-Line belts. There was an instantaneous decrease in pain, as well as an increase in stability. Even more amazing to me was the constant attention it brought to my posture. I have often spoken highly of the belt, but now I can honestly say firsthand that it works! Thanks for a great product.”-Dr. Jon P, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Virginia Beach, VA
  • “I have two of your products and could not live and work the way I do without them. I use one at work and wear it every day that I work. I have one at home for activities that I would need support for; i.e. yard and garden work, doing mechanical work on my vehicles, performing repairs on my residence, etc.”-Gary S 
  • “I love the back brace. I used it for a brief bike ride last week. My back never felt anything and that’s good. I really can’t tell you how much I am in love with this thing right now. It really worked.”-Sandy L
  • “I purchased a Back-a-Line a few weeks ago and I use it at work. I had bad pain down the legs and a really messed up spine. Being 34 and having the “back of a 70 year old” I was looking at giving up skiing and going under the knife. Well, I just got back from skiing in Whistler Mountain in BC Canada. Minimal to no pain when using that support of yours. I wanted to say thank you for saving my ski season this year at least.”-Dave W
  • “I purchased a back-a-line almost a year ago. I must admit, I wore it only a few times, then only when riding my motorcycle. I suffer from degenerative disk and scoliosis resulting in almost constant pain, and inability to perform simple tasks. Recently, I needed to do some severe trimming to my hedges. I honestly did not see how I could possibly accomplish this task. But I put my back-a-line on and got the pruning shears out. I spent most of the afternoon bent over clipping, piling and loading clippings in my truck. The next day, absolutely no pain whatsoever! I was truly amazed. I took two 200+ mile trips on my motorcycle and yet to have any back pain. I have had back pain since I was 18 years old. I will be 61 in September. Your product has helped me immensely.”-William G
  • “I am just blown away by your incredible back support! In just seven days it has dramatically improved my quality of life. I am a forty-two year old woman who has had back pain for twenty-two years. My lower back has always been weak and prone to strains and injuries, no matter how much I exercised. Since I enrolled in school last fall and began sitting a lot in classes and at the computer, the pain got much worse. In September my back went into spasm for no apparent reason at all. The ”spasm” never completely went away. Sitting for any length of time only made it worse. The day my Back-A-Line arrived in the mail, I put it on right away and could feel the difference instantly! Within one minute my back began to relax, and the pain began to diminish. I have worn it day and night, taking it off only to bathe and change my clothes, and my pain has decreased overall by at least 90%. My body hasn’t worked this way in years! I encourage everybody with a “bad back” to try it. If anyone thinks I’m making all this up, they can email me directly. Your product is truly a blessing, and your service has been outstanding. I cannot express my appreciation enough!”-Siri A
  • “I must congratulate you and your company on producing an item that actually cures back pain. Your belt has cured my back pain and also made me realize how important it is to maintain a good posture. Please keep up the good work.”-Rajesh D, UK
  • “I want to thank you for a very good product that has changed my life. After hurting my back the second time, I had just about given up on ever being able to do a lot of things that I like to do. But because of your belt and wearing it every day for over the last year, I have been able to do most of the things that I enjoy once again.”-Kevin M
  • “I just received the belt 4 days ago; already I have noticed a huge difference in my back and hips. I am able to move around without my usual level of pain in back, hips and legs. Thanks.”-Robert H
  • “I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your fine invention of the Backaline. To this 65 year old “old girl” it’s a godsend. I’m a waitress in a big restaurant and I’m always bending and twisting and picking things up. My back always hurts. Since wearing Backaline, it never hurts. Even when I’m home I wear it chopping vegetables and ironing. Even sitting in my chair reading. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."-Linda H
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Wal-mart: "Elastic Back Belts do not work"

The study was conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health from April 1996 to April 1998 on 9,377 material handling employees of Wal-Mart, Inc., using only the common elastic-style “girdle” belts. It proved that the girdle-type back belts simply did not work. No reduction in pain or injury. Why? Because there was no change in spinal mechanics, the cause of 90% of back pain and injury.


Harvard Medical

The “curved and firm” pad (Back-A-Line’s patent) provides a proprioceptive and apparent pain blocking feature. A smoothly contoured firm surface therefore appears to be a desirable feature of a back brace.



Most studies have shown that poor posture is the root cause of most back problems. Lifting only exacerbates an already –dangerous- situation. Back pain or fatigue at the end of the day is generally indicative of poor posture during the day. Correcting posture will minimize the risk while minimizing or reducing pain.

The Back-A-Line belt provided the most striking difference in posture where a movement required stability of the torso, because of some level of the fine motor skills needed at the end of the reach. As an example, for a mechanic to place a wrench on a bolt requires stability of the torso as his arm is reaching out, or he’ll miss the bolt. So too do the majority of movements in typical jobs. Skilled workers in construction jobs, assembly line workers, as well as mechanics, rarely lift, but require stability of the torso to accomplish their job functions ALL day.



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